kelin Hardware Mold Company

Kelin Hardware Mold Company, located in the Nanqu Industrial Village, Dalingshan, Dongguan, is a company specializing in lost-wax casting and mold manufacturing. Leveraging advanced processing technologies and a professional team, we provide clients with high-precision and high-quality casting and mold products. Whether it's the precision casting of components or the intricate design and fabrication of molds, we are capable of fulfilling a wide range of customer requirements, thereby contributing to the advancement of the industrial manufacturing sector.

kelin Hardware Moulding Services

Professional Mould Manufacturing

kelin Hardware Moulding is a professional precision investment casting and mold manufacturing company located in the South District Industrial Village of Dalingshan, Dongguan, providing high-quality solutions for the industrial sector.

Customized solutions

We are committed to providing customers with customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries and ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Technical Support Team

We have an experienced technical support team that is capable of providing prompt and professional after-sales services, ensuring customer satisfaction

kelin Hardware Mould is really a very professional company, and the solutions they provide are very effective.


Their precision lost-wax casting technology is very advanced, and the quality of mold manufacturing is also very high.

I am very satisfied with the service and product quality of kelin Hardware Mould and highly recommend!

It was a pleasure to work with kelin Hardware Mould and they provided us with great support.

kelin Hardware Mould is a company located in the industrial estate of Dalingshan South District, Dongguan, focusing on precision lost-wax casting and mold manufacturing, providing high-quality solutions for the industrial field.

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